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Last update:  17. 11. 2016

Welcome to De Lourdes *CZ cattery

Our family cattery was established on spring 2009 and from July 2009 is registered in FIFé.

Cats are members of our family and household. They are "my children" and I try to give them the best care and a  lot of love.

The purpose of our breeding is to breed healthy kittens with great character and in good siberian type.

Our breed is based on famous world lines.

Our offsprings live in CZ, USA, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy and Austria.

We plane our litters consistently, with love and long time in advance.

We prefer small breeding group becouse of  psychical comfort of our cats. We prefer quality, not quantity.  

As time goes by, I constantly learn and gather information and also shape my views about breeding. From the standpoint of genetic, Neva Masquerades are Siberian cats. In fact, everywhere in the world (organizations such as  TICA or WCF) they are therefore logically recognized as just a color variety of Siberians. FIFé is known for its conservative views and becouse of pressure of some breeders, who want to breed only siberiand without nevas,  there was necessary to make some compromises. Nevas were not recognized as a color variety of SIB, but instead as its sister breed, although it is still true that two Siberian cats can produce a litter of both color - Siberian and Neva kittens together in one litter, as in comparison any other breed of cat can give  birth to both black and red kittens in one litter. Colourpoint coloring is really just a color. Colourpoint gen receives cat in the genetic material and siberian cats have this CP gen long before they were officially bred and we find it in many world famous lines.  

You can find us on Facebook, here is a lot of new photos.

Enjoy watching our website and feel free to contact me if you have any question. 

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